Jens Hansen Hjuler Christensen
Great GrandFather (Lorens) well his Fathers Name is Jens Hansen Hjuler Christensen,

Our Family Came from the Town Dybbol, In Sonderborg Counties Denmark,

His wife name was Marie Magdalene Petersen,

They were Married 01 Aug. 1847 At Dybbol, Aabenraa-Sonderborg, Denmark,

They had TWO Sons, Christian and Lorens,

Both emigrated to Michigan in 1873,

Christian was a wittiness at Lorens Wedding

and Both Lived In Montague, Christian Had no Children

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Jackie Jacob Hansen (b)Sept. 8 1929 and Charles John Hansen (b)June 17, 1890

Hansen Farm in the winter of 1926
TOP ROW Ed Nichols, Charlie Eilers, Hans Dahl, Blondine Dahl, Martha Michels, Mary Storms, Charlie Storms,
Glen Phelps, Marin Phelps, Dan Eilers, Amelia (Hansen) Phelps,(1)Charlie Hansen, (2) Hazel Hansen.
2ND ROW (5)Clayton Kline, (4) Woodrow Kline, Martha Nichols, (3)GRAMA Wilhemina Hansen,
Hazel Dahl, Nick Dahl, Irene Mahoney.
(2)Hazel Hansen born 15 May 1895 was married before, she had two boys, (4)Woodrow and (5)Clayton Kline

Hansen Farm

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